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Updated at least once a month during the hunting season to keep everyone up to date with activities in the area

Greetings to all of the clubs members,

The summer gives us all time to reflect upon our field skills and concentrate on getting better sport next year. Everyones bird will be well into the moult by now and be eating a good quality varied diet. My harris "Poppy" made a full recovery from her illness last year and should be ready to go come the start of the season. Falconers should be reminded to take more than the occassional look at the birds over the summer months to make sure that all is well in the aviary. Sunshine (if we get any) on the birds water can turn it manky and green in just a few days. Mutes also need to be cleaned up with the castings/bones/discarded food along with any weeds. Its a good idea to have a look at the bird whilst your in there, paying particular attention to the feet, signs of mite damage to the feathers, or any other injury to the bird. Beak size should also be noted and the bird should be observed whilst eating in order to make sure there are no problems. I like to sit in there for an hour with her once the aviary has been cleaned out for my own piece of mind. Those with youngsters should also ensure a good balanced diet with plenty of fresh water made available. Summer is not really the time for falconry, so I shall close here and wish you all a pleasant break from the sport and hope that all your birds moult out nice and clean. Im still looking for suggestions on improvements to the club or any suggestions on how it can be made better yet ive had little in the way of suggestions
Important stuff
Fresh water should still be available for your bird now that the weather is turning, if the mercury really does start to plummet you should think about removing water after midday and even consider bringing your bird in. Those with non indiginous birds that are not totally cold compatible should take heed here. Harris hawks at hunting weight tethered at ground level are at risk. The males even moreso. Free lofted birds will fare much better. Other things to consider over the winter months are fireworks. I normally bring my bird in on a bow perch and put her in either the garage or the shower cubicle (much to my wifes disapproval) This will reduce the liklihood of your bird becoming dehydrated.

well, thats enough from me, I wish you all a good hunting season. Heres looking forward to seeing more of you over the coming months!

I'm still after all club members to email their telephone numbers in again to update the list, this way you can all be contacted prior to each months meet. It comes around so fast, I know how easy it is to forget.

Food and drink
Because the club is entirely non profit making ensure you bring a few quid along for snacks.
The Barstaff are obviously happy with our donation to their "tips box" as the quality of the snacks is second to none. Sandwiches, crisps, cheese, sausages, chicken salsa and the likes are always great to enjoy your beer with.

It might be a good idea to bring another guest along (one with a liking for soft drinks who can drive) As we dont want anyones sport impaired by a driving ban.

The website
O.K. its not the best, but then again I've never created one before. Nevertheless the club website is getting between 70 and 100 hits per week.

For the observant ones amongst us, you will have noticed a couple of new pages
ANYONE WISHING TO ADVERTISE GOODS on the club website should get in touch via email.



2007 cleveland hawking club...........................Lee Copeland